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Is Your Company Using the Right Form for Background Checks?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (the “Bureau”) has taken over rulemaking and enforcement responsibilities for the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) and has updated an important FCRA form that employers must use when utilizing consumer reports in conducting background investigations of prospective and current employees. Employers must use the new form beginning in January. The FCRA … Continue reading this entry

The First Circuit Confirms FCRA Private Right of Action Against Furnishers of Credit Information

Wen Chiang succeeded on the law but failed on the facts in his Fair Credit Reporting Act claim against Verizon. In Chiang v. Verizon New England Inc., Case No. 09-1214 (lst Cir., Feb. 9, 2010), Chiang claimed that Verizon failed to investigate adequately his disputes about the telephone bill payment information it furnished to the … Continue reading this entry

Class Action Lawsuit Over freecreditreport.com

A Wisconsin college student has filed a seven count class action complaint against Experian for its freecreditreport.com ads. The Plaintiff alleges that she was in the midst of purchasing a new car and wanted to check her credit. She claims that in March 2008, she went to freecreditreport.com for a single (but free) credit report … Continue reading this entry

United States Supreme Court Recongizes Rise In Consumer Credit Litigation

Each year, Chief Justice John Roberts. Jr. issues a report about the state of the federal judiciary. For 2009, Justice Roberts reported a 6% year-to-year decline in filings in the Supreme Court and federal courts of appeals. The federal district courts saw a 3% increase in filings over 2008 filings, up to 276,397 filings in … Continue reading this entry

Ninth Circuit Issues Mixed Opinion On Credit Reporting Laws

In Gorman v. Wolpoff & Abramson, LLP & MBNA America Bank N.A., No. 06-17226 (Oct. 21, 2009), the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a mixed opinion on claims of violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) and a California statutory counterpart, and of common law libel.… Continue reading this entry