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The Bureau Report

With less than 30 days to go before July 21st – the Designated Transfer Date and the day on which the Bureau will inherit much of its considerable power – the Bureau remains the center of substantial controversy. Here is the latest: INSIDE THE BUREAU Elizabeth Warren, Harvard professor, Bureau transition team lead, and oft-cited front-running Obama appointee to be the Bureau’s … Continue reading this entry

The Pressure Mounts to Appoint Warren

President Obama faces growing pressure to appoint Elizabeth Warren to head the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, but even some Senate Democrats are wary of her nomination and Senator Dodd has already warned that she may not have the 60 votes required to avoid a filibuster on her nomination. The White House, however, may be able to pick up Republican Senators … Continue reading this entry

Obama Administration Cools on CFPA

The Washington Post‘s financial journalists David Cho and Brady Dennis recently published, “Obama may compromise on consumer agency to pass financial regulation,” which reveals that the Obama administration is no longer insisting on an independent Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA). The Administration is concerned about quickly passing the bill through Congress: President Obama’s economic team … Continue reading this entry

Elizabeth Warren to Appear on Daily Show Tonight

Elizabeth Warren, head of the TARP oversight panel and strong advocate of the proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency, will be appearing on the Daily Show tonight. The show’s website states: ”Congress’ chief economic watchdog talks about her work overseeing the bank bailout.” Check back tomorrow for details on her appearance.… Continue reading this entry